1. Unparalleled professionalism! Bri has worked for my family for more than a year. She has done everything imaginable for us (shops for groceries and gifts; takes the pets to the groomer and vet; wraps and mails packages; decorates the house and trees for Christmas; plans parties-which includes designing the menu and decor; and she has totally organized the entire house, including closets and drawers - top to bottom!) With six kids, a dog, two cats and a husband, I don't think I could have survived the last year without Bri. She is not only professional and reliable, but she has the most positive attitude and work ethic imaginable, and she always has a smile on her face! I can't say enough good things about Bri and Simple Living!
  2. Bri is AMAZING! Not only did Bri save my event by running errands and picking up everything, she did it within the same day of the request! Bri stayed in touch via text the whole time to ensure I had what I needed - and was so easy to work with!!
  3. Bri is amazing — she is a blonde ball of energy, takes initiative, makes decisions, and basically whipped my Moving/unpacking into full gear - NO MORE BOXES! Also she went through my closet and took out everything worn/stained/not cute and then organized it. I’m telling you, if you are overwhelmed / procrastinating/ need help — CALL BRI
  4. Bri is an absolute whirlwind! She makes the most difficult things seem effortless! A true attribute of a professional!!! Can't wait to use her services again!
  5. My wedding wouldn’t have been the same without Bri!! My mom and I hired Bri to help coordinate my wedding day, and boy was she worth every penny!! She helped make the best day of my life run so smooth and worry/stress free! Her charming personality was such a pleasure to have around! She seamlessly fit in to the crowd with my family and friends as we were getting ready and was there to help us with every need!! Not only did she help us out in the bridal suite but she was also with the groomsmen coordinating many other things behind the scene, which she made seem effortless!! She has a real knack for what she does and I highly recommend hiring Bri for any of your wedding needs!!
  6. The best, I can’t say enough about how great this service is. Bri is a sweetheart, professional and has a gift for organizing space. Thank you, Bri.
  7. Bri is the best! She organized several rooms in my house and helped me prepare for a new baby. She was prepared with boxes and a label maker, and she even dropped off items to donate for me. Bri is professional, efficient, and enjoyable to be around- I couldn’t recommend her more!
  8. I can not brag enough about Bri and her business. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is so passionate about what she does and makes you feel more like a friend than a client. I CAN NOT wait to work with her again. I highly recommend her for any and everything!!!!!!
  9. Bri is reliable, energetic, organized and has been an absolute lifesaver! With small children and hectic schedules, I found it nearly impossible to accomplish everything that was needed for my family! She helps me tremendously each week with taking care of laundry, organizing our home, and assisting with grocery errands! She’s just the best and we are incredibly grateful.
  10. This girl right here! Messaged her to come help me last minute on a Saturday to finish unpacking and organizing after moving into new house. What I thought was going to take forever and ever, she had everything I it's place like that! Highly recommend Bri and I can't wait for my next project she can assist us with!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!
  11. When the disorder is so bad that you can’t focus on the task at hand, you really do need an outside perspective to step in and help you organize your space, and that is exactly what Bri did for me. Within two days My studio went from disorder and distraction to peace and productivity! 10/10 would recommend Bri to anyone.
  12. Bri is absolutely amazing! She has changed our lives with her amazing ability to organize and decluttering. We love you Bri
  13. Amazing service! I highly recommend! She is punctual, good with communication, super organized and highly efficient with time.
  14. Bri is amazing. Willing and ready to do whatever is asked!
  15. Bri did a fantastic job with my classroom. I wanted to get more organized this year and it was the first time I've ever used her service. She was incredibly professional and so friendly. I loved having her help with my classroom. Not only does she do an excellent job of organizing but she helps generate awesome ideas to get the classroom running more efficient and looking really nice. I was so impressed with her work and so were all the other teachers. I kept having the school staff come check out my room and especially my closet which I couldn't even walk in before Bri sorted through it and helped me get rid of junk. Everyone couldn't stop talking about how amazing my closet and room looked. I loved working with Bri so much that I will definitely be doing this every year from now on before school starts. It took us only 2 days to set up the classroom and organize the materials...a job that would normally have taken at least a week or so. I definitely recommend her if you are a teacher in need of extra help. Well worth it! Thank you, Thank you, Bri! I feel like I'm starting the school year more prepared now. Glad I found this gem!
  16. Got in touch with Bri on a short notice request for a birthday surprise and she handled it beautifully and made my college daughter’s day! Living out of town made easy with Bri’s services!
  17. Bri with Simple Living is simply an answered prayer. With such a hectic schedule, I sometimes need a helping hand...and she is all that! I am so grateful to have found her. The first time I called, I desperately needed someone to run an errand for me as I was booked with clients, no breaks in sight. Bri came to my rescue and within an hour, it was done! She is professional, friendly, and personable. I am loving her services and if ever you find yourself in a pinch...don't hesitate to give her a call.